Hosting a WordPress Site at A2 Hosting Package

Want to start a new blog using WordPress on your A2 Hosting package? Don’t know where to start from and what to do? This is the guide to hosting a wordpress site at A2 Hosting.

Once you have purchased a hosting package from A2 Hosting, you will receive a welcome email. There will be the nameservers and panel URL for your hosting account.

Go to your domain name provider and update the nameservers to your domain name with the one in the welcome email.

Now, after everything is done you will be asked to log into your domain, do that. Enter the domain and enter the password you just made for your account. You will be on the Welcome screen. Click on cPanel.

Now we are hosting a wordpress site at A2 hosting

Now once you are inside cPanel, there are just a few minutes between you and your new WordPress blog. It’s just a matter of time, you’re just moments away to start a WordPress blog from scratch, seriously.

Scroll down the page to Website Builders. Click on the WordPress logo and wait for it to load. You should now be looking at a page full of codes and scripts. Don’t panic, simply click on the WordPress logo under Blogs.

A new screen will appear after a while saying Install WordPress. In the directory field, leave it blank to install it in the root of the domain.

Click on the text that says I have understood the terms and condition and then click on Install now. The installation will begin, wait a minute or two and WordPress is installed.

When WordPress is installed, a new screen will come up. Here there are all the details of the WordPress installation you just did. Password, Username, Login URL and blog URL is given here. Backup the details for reference

Open the blog for the first time

Enter the domain name, and voila your blog is there on the world-wide web. Now you need to log into your WordPress control center from where you will write blogs, install themes and plugins.

Now that you started a WordPress blog, write your first post

Enter the login URL you got before on the address bar. Once you are there. Enter the username and password, you saved. Congratulations, you are into the back-end of your blog, into WordPress dashboard.

The front-end is what the readers see, and back-end is what you use to manage your blog.

Now, write your first post. Navigate to Posts>Add New.

Enter the title of the post and start writing. Once the blog is finished, you can publish the blog. The publish button is on the left side of the color cleanish blue.

Congrats you have written the first blog post. Here, you have completed the guide. You have successfully started a new WordPress blog from scratch on A2 hosting.

This is how you can go for hosting a wordpress site at A2 Hosting.

A2 Hosting Guarantees the Quickest Dedicated Servers on Earth

The last thing you need to create for your audience is a slow-loading website. It can be annoying, frustrating and boring all at once. To avoid this sort of problem, read the full analysis on When you do, you will realize that getting a high speed web hosting service is so painless. The best suggestion so far is A2 Hosting. It is among the few hosts who provide quick page loading speeds. In return, the high loading speed improves your site’s SEO ranking, visitor satisfaction, bounce rates and conversion rates. A2 Hosting possesses the best quality hardware, software and server network.

How A2 promotes website loading speeds

The first way it ensures that you get maximum page loading speeds is through its dedicated server hosting. There are two servers solutions offered: Flex Dedicated Server and Managed Flex Dedicated Server Solution.  Both solutions are super safe. Each server is locked safely in a cabinet. Regarding backup, A2 has taken stern measures to ensure incessant power supply and 99 percent uptime guarantee. Both server types activates instantly, ensuring that the user does not have to wait for them to start.

Why use A2’s dedicated servers?

The first reason is that the company has the quickest dedicated servers on earth. Its SwiftServer platform can be quickened with the 20x faster Turbo Boost solution. It boosts server speed because:

  • It is better than Apache when it comes to using less CPU space and memory.
  • It offers a Turbo Cache for storing all HTML content of your pages.
  • Guarantees stability and ease of handling connections.

Customize your A2 dedicated server

As your website is different and has varying needs, A2 allows you to customize your dedicated server. Hence, you can configure it in the best way possible. If more storage space is needed, all you need to use is the Flex Server Deployment feature. Moreover, you could customize the speed at which you can access the server. A2 allows you to shorten the time to just thirty minutes. Just read the full analysis to understand this part.

A fear-free solution is guaranteed

A2 Hosting wants you to have worry-free sessions with its dedicated servers. For that reason, it provides a tool called the Smart System Notifier. This tool does the work of searching for server hitches. As soon as it identifies an issue with your server, it rapidly informs the supporting staff. That’s why users of A2 dedicated servers never encounter any technical issues by themselves. The issues are reported before the user experience can be halted or interrupted. It gives the user the peace of mind they need all through the day and night. The Smart System Notifier is such a big bonus as it eliminates problems that could stifle your business operations in an instant. When your server has an overload, the support team will provide an instant update.

Pros to expect

First, the A2 Hosting super quick dedicated servers are reliable. They are many times better than shared hosting solutions. This is because dedicated servers allow autonomy and self-sufficiency. All resources in these servers belong to individuals rather than groups. As a result, the server will be up and running 99.9 percent of the time. Better performance is another advantage.

When there is no sharing there is no competition for resources. And when all resources are delivered to one user, you can expect performance to improve. There is a free dedicated internet protocol address that permits the user to be anonymous on the web. When your business outgrows the current server resources, A2 will help you get more quickly and easily. This will keep the server speed from being affected.