Current Research

Over the course of this past year we coordinated efforts in organizing a Medical Advisory Committee as well as establishing a competitive $70,000 research grant. This grant was opened to members of the University of Colorado Cancer Center and awarded to Dr. York Miller supporting 4 promising biomarkers for the early detection of lung cancer. These include:

  1. sputum fluorescence
  2. serum proteomics assay
  3. analysis in exhaled breath
  4. -micro RNA’s in tissue, sputum and blood

This research, funded by the Gift of Life and Breath race, will focus on the accrual of a group of patients referred to specialty clinics for the evaluation of lung nodules of concern for malignancy. Their goal is to develop a bank of biospecimens from 500 such subjects, so that the 4 biomarkers listed, and potentially additional promising biomarkers, can be tested in the same subjects and compared to each other.

AMC Cancer Fund University of Colorado Cancer Center
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